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Friday, December 4th, 2015

Good moms don’t put their kids into bad schools. Good moms don’t throw their kids into the wolf den without protection. Good moms home school their kids so they grow up to be smart individuals who become doctors and scientists and artists. Good moms don’t feed their kids junk or let their kids fall.

I don’t know any good moms.

Overlooking the river that runs through Mindo

Overlooking the river that runs through Mindo

Bad moms push their kids too far. They push their kids to go too far outside their comfort zone. Bad moms expect too much of their kids. They put them into difficult situations and expect them to sink or swim. Bad moms care more about success than happiness, more about achievement than contentedness. Bad moms care what other people think more than what their kids think.

I don’t know any bad moms.

Good countries spay and neuter their dogs. They have equality between genders. The kids are respected, as are the elders. In good countries peace and love is the law of the land. The people who work are able to provide for themselves and their families. In good countries the children learn multiple languages and are open-minded and accepting toward difference.

I don’t know any good countries.

The street where our home is located

The street where our home is located

In bad countries children are picked up by one arm when they cry. Bad countries allow chemicals to wash into their rivers and they don’t have clean water to drink. Bad countries turn a blind eye to violence and addiction. Loyalty to the institution is more important than curiosity.

I don’t know any bad countries.

All I know is mixtures. Multiple elements mixed together- not quite merging- they can be separated out to their individual components.Some ugly and some beautiful. Some desired and some repulsive. I am like every bad mom and good mom. My country is like every good country and bad country. It’s the only option if we are to be whole.