Business Communication Services

Seminars and Workshops

Continued education is a value shared by many businesses. However, sending employees to conferences can be very expensive. Seminars and workshops by 4C can be delivered to your organization on site, saving you money and time. These seminars provide concepts and skills to the participants, giving them the knowledge and tools to improve their work with both internal and external customers. Click here for a partial list of training topics.


Teams are an integral component to organizations. When teams are dysfunctional, which is evident when individuals gossip, criticize, or simply do not trust one another, then morale and productivity suffers. Team-toning is designed to “meet a team” where they are, whether they are already functioning effectively or not. The team-toning series is a unique process that includes elements of team-building, training, and facilitation. Team-toning is designed to increase a group’s understanding and communication skills. Team-toning includes four sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. Click here for more information about team-toning.

One-on-one Communication Coaching

Often the most competent individuals are the first to seek out communication coaching. He or she is aware enough to know that communication and behavior is a key component of the situations he or she finds herself in. Skilled and competent individuals benefit from a coach who can offer objectivity, alternative perspectives, and increased options and opportunities to create positive outcomes. Other times an organization has an employee who offers valuable skills and expertise, making him or her indispensible to the company. At times, this same individual is incapable of cooperation, or otherwise lacking interpersonal or professional communication skills. One-on-one communication coaching will deliver to the individual: enhanced awareness of how he or she is perceived by co-workers, an identification of the behaviors that are hindering his or her ability to work in cooperation with colleagues, and a clear goal and plan of action to make positive change.

Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are a necessary process for teams and organizations. Yet, meetings are sometimes frustrating, mundane or counter- productive. Having a professional facilitator present can focus the meetings' efforts, encourage greater collaboration, and increase accountability among the participants.