Seminars and Workshops

Continued education is a value shared by many businesses. However, sending employees to conferences can be very expensive. Seminars and workshops by 4C can be delivered to your organization on site, saving you money and time. These seminars provide concepts and skills to the participants, giving them the knowledge and tools to improve their work with both internal and external customers. Training topics include:

Finding Adventure in Awkward Waters

At times, your organization will experience awkwardness. On a surface level, a lack of professionalism with symptoms like inappropriate dress, bad jokes, and over-self-disclosure are examples of awkwardness that you, your staff, and clients must navigate. On a deeper level, addressing any tough or touchy subject often leaves us feeling uncomfortable. The ripples of awkwardness complicate your practice and when it gets really rough, threaten economic and/or professional well-being. Active management of perception, constructive communication and awareness of interdependence are skills and strategies that bring safety in awkward waters. Develop and apply the skills you gain in this unique and exciting seminar and you will ride the awkward waters to a sea of opportunity.

Confront Conflict Constructively

The seminar Confront Conflict Constructively provides the knowledge and skills you need for conflict to be a catalyst for growth and a chance to preserve, rather than destroy, relationships. Participants will analyze the components of conflict and the major conflict styles. Participants will also increase awareness about their own styles and how those styles may or may not contribute to constructive outcomes. Communication skills like suspending judgment, listening, paraphrasing, and asking open-ended questions will be applied. Topics will also include: the impact of cultural values on conflict strategies, the trajectory of conflict, and mediation skills.

Encounters With Difficult Clients

Outstanding customer service is a skill one must learn and cultivate and sometimes giving stellar customer service requires one to suspend his or her individual personality and instead practice skills that may even run counter to one’s initial reaction. In that vein, an encounter with a difficult customer can be upsetting and frazzling to everyone at one point or another. The seminar Encounters with Difficult Customers, addresses internal and external contexts, applies important concepts like compassion and perception to customer service situations, and gives participants concrete skills to apply when handling complaints.

Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback in a constructive manner is a learned skill, one that 4C can teach. This engaging workshop gives information and skills to participants so they can give others feedback, and accept it as well.

Intercultural Competence in the Workplace

Our organizations are increasingly comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Equally as important is the fact that our clients are increasingly diverse. Ethnicity, religion, age, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, and physical ability are some of the main social categories that are represented in our workplaces. This informative workshop gives participants information and adds skills to their communication “tool box”, enabling competent intercultural communication both with internal and external customers.